Friday, November 03, 2006

Just call me Little Red Riding Hood

I'm going to visit my grandmother tomorrow. She's not allowed to drive, and she lives by herself, so she gets pretty lonely. I don't go over there nearly as much as I should. I don't think I'm a bad person, but if whether or not you're a bad person is measured by how well you keep in touch with friends and family, I would not be considered good.

My gram has an incredibly interesting life story. I'm hoping to finally remember to bring a notebook and pen with me tomorrow, so I can ask her some questions and get some of her experiences written down before I no longer have the opportunity. She's been married seven times. That's right. Seven. She has two children from her first husband and four children from her second husband. The oldest child I've never met because she was basically kidnapped by my great-grandmother, was raised in Vandalia, IL, and now lives in Effingham (which might as well be the other side of the moon, as far as I'm concerned). If you were to meet my grandmother, you'd never guess everything she's been through. I think that's the greatest thing about her. She's soft-spoken, kind, and as generous as she can be.

I hope to be able to keep visiting her for a long, long while. Also hoping some of her good traits will eventually rub off on me. I could stand to be soft-spoken on occasion.

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